• Sundance Springs Subdivision: Bob Lee, Construction Planner: Morrison & Maierle Engineering 406-587-0721
  • Don Stueck: Construction Manager for Martel Construction and Mayor of Bozeman, Montana  406-586-8585
  • Kitchell Custom Homes: John Kitchell, V. P. Kitchell Custom      602-390-9916   Please see letter of appreciation and
         recognition from John Kitchell for my work as Project Manager  
  • Salcito Custom Homes: Tony Salcito, Pres. 480-585-5065 or Steve Hampton: Operations Manager 480-585-5065
  • Diamond Well Drilling: Dave Fulton, Owner/Pres, and owner of     4 story Victorian home, San Francisco, CA 530-823-0354
  • Construction Dispute Resolution Services: Peter Merril, Owner & C.E.O.; I am a nationally accredited mediator and arbitrator.     See my biography at:


     Dave Fulton:  "Don has been a tremendous help to me!  As most of        us know there are builders who are neither honest or competent in          what they do, and who also really don't care about the people they          work for.  But Don is a truly honest and caring person, and he is              very competent in his building profession.  His remodeling work on          my San Francisco home was perfect.  This home had not  been              remodeled since it was originally built in 1896.  This structural                  restoration and remodel was an extremely challenging project, and          Don did a truly fine job.  If you have any building needs call Don              without any hesitation."
References & Testimonials
Letter of recommendation by John Kitchell
Charles and Delores Bailey:         "Don Hannah built our 6,000 sq. ft. office building, which we named the Orchard Building, on time, on budget,  and the highest quality workmanship. 
These three components are essential for a successful construction project, and all three were done well on our project.  We recommend that you contact Don Hannah for any project that you build."
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